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Monday, November 21, 2005

"Hens"/"Ladies" and our reading habits

I like the term LadyLit - even though it does conjure up the picture of a tipsy English dowager. But I digress .. . .and I haven't even started on the topic.

As a Hen/Lady/Crone/Goddess of a Certain Age, I read books written about protagonists of all age groups (and all ethnic, religions and sex groups, too).

I think we (the above category of reader although speaking mainly of my own fine-self) are more diverse in our thinking - women in our age group see the world as a whole and not as compartments. "Well, now, let's see, Martha, I can't read THAT book because it's about a female transvestite who is a fallen Catholic practicing Witchcraft as a Wizard. I could just never relate." I know that's a bit far-fetched. But as someone who reads diverse genres and (GASP!) literary fiction, I am not really opposed to reading about the aforementioned female transvestite - as long as it's an interesting story - one that will hold my interest.

I've met a lot of people over fifty who've read (and reread) every Harry Potter book - good stories.

On the other hand, I would like to see stories about women like me - fiftish, a tad overweight but still sexy, bright and charming, intelligent and empowered. We are out there - and I, for one, am working on a couple of entries into that category.

So, ladies, keep up the good work. Write those entertaining stories.
We are a force. A beautiful, rounded, soft, loving, intelligent force.


PS - Thanks to those of you who comment on my meanderings on my blog. Nice to know my words are not lost in cyberspace.

posted by Mitzi @ Monday, November 21, 2005


  1. At Tuesday, November 29, 2005, Blogger Robin Caroll said…

    I just read a "lady lit" by DiAnn Hunt...Hot Flashes and Cold Cream....cracked me up! And while I'm not in that particular age group, I agree, I like reading about all ages, sexes, etc...as long as the story's good, I don't much care!


  2. At Tuesday, November 29, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Great post! I also read every age group. And Mitzi, I love reading your blog even though I don't always comment.


  3. At Saturday, January 21, 2006, Blogger Bernita said…

    Have been working on it.
    Her name is Damie Tempest.
    However she is 45.


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