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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


All day, I thought it was Thursday. When I do that, and realize I'm wrong, it's like being handed an extra day.

I'm working away on a new WIP. I want to have a very clear idea where it's going by Friday. Huh? Am I nuts? Of course, I am. I've been plunking out page after page a day. Friday is the start of our local conference and I want enough to be able to pitch the project to an editor.

So, I hope the other hens will keep posting, because other than maybe a conference update, I'll be in hiding until late Tuesday or Wednesday.

Happy hen reading.

posted by Jody Pryor @ Wednesday, June 08, 2005


  1. At Wednesday, June 08, 2005, Blogger Lynn said…

    This is pretty weird because I lost track of the week, too. And I also thought this was Thursday. Good thing I remembered in time, or would have gone to the wrong place this evening!
    Good for you on starting a new WIP. I have two projects in mind for when I finish my revisions. I did a hell of a lot today and am getting closer to finishing.



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