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Friday, June 03, 2005

The Frozen Hen

Okay, I'm not freezing right this minute. In fact, it will be a few more months before I start shivering again. Still, I'm the Alaskan Hen.

Amazingly enough, my works are set in Alaska. Some of the characters have lived in the 49th state all their life, others are new comers, and still others have felt Alaskan all their life, even if they weren't born in Alaska.

I had a hard time with that last sentence. Why? Because I wanted to say "even if they weren't born in the 49th state." Why is that such a problem? Because when most of my characters were born, Alaska was not a state.

What else makes Alaska a unique setting? On the southern end of the Kenai Peninsula, the local Safeway stocks frozen fish sticks. Why is that weird? Because Homer has adopted the title of "Halibut Capital of the World." Duh. Which one is going to be in your freezer? Mrs. Paul's or fillets of the 50 pounder you caught last summer? That's what I thought. While the characters in my stories haven't actually said it, almost all of them do wonder why the fish stick section isn't replaced with more Ben & Jerry's.

I guess it's appropriate for me to make my introduction mostly about Alaska. It was nine years ago, June 4, 1996 at 6:30 a.m. when we drove off the State Ferry the Taku and called Alaska home. I'm not going to say how old I was on that day, but I'm very much a hen. And Alaska is very much this hen's home. It's only natural to combine the two in my writing.

Which means irony is king...err...queen.

Hopefully, within the next couple years or so, my works will start hitting the shelves near you.

Until then, my skeletal web site is here. And my personal blog that can contain almost anything is here.

Happy hen lit reading.

posted by Jody Pryor @ Friday, June 03, 2005


  1. At Friday, June 03, 2005, Blogger Dorothy said…

    I asked a friend, "If there were anywhere in the world you could go, where would it be?" Guess what. He said Alaska. I said, "But it's sooooo cold." He said he didn't care. He wanted to see it. So, I can tell you right now, once your book comes out, he'll be buying it once I tell him about it. Good luck, Jody, and I love your first post!


  2. At Friday, June 03, 2005, Blogger Jody said…

    He sounds like me. I was born an Alaskan. Too bad it took me so long to finally make it to the state/territory where I was supposed to have been all along. We don't like to broadcast this too much, but there really are parts of Alaska that stay warmer than many areas in the Lower 48. Shush. Don't let that get out.


  3. At Saturday, June 04, 2005, Blogger Kathy Holmes said…

    We lived in the Pacific Northwest briefly and while there, we took an Inside Passage cruise. It was quite a milestone for hubby since it signaled having visited all 50 states. My fondest memory of the trip was in Juneau with the eagles and the seaplanes. You just knew you were in Alaska then.


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