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Friday, July 22, 2005

My Debut

Thanks for the invite to join this blog. As a baby boomer and author of women's fiction, "hen lit".....my protagonists are over age 50.....I'm looking forward to blogging here. A little background on me....I'm originally from the Boston area, have lived in Florida for 18 yr. and recently relocated to an island, 24 miles from the mainland, off the west coast of Florida. For the past year I've been writing mysteries and am now in the process of revising my completed manuscript for agent representation. Did I say "revising?" "Birthing" would probably be a better word, as what I'm doing is taking some characters, some plot and a little of this and that from my two other mysteries and creating a whole new manuscript. I'm hoping to strengthen the overall market appeal. So we shall see where this leads me.......
To balance my sanity on those days that writing leads me to drink way more caffeine than I should, I love to knit. I find it not only soothing but I love the quiet time that lets me visit with my characters and get to know them even better. Knitting allows me "thinking" time for those plots to germinate and hopefully grow. At the moment, I'm making a poncho for my 11 yr. old granddaughter.
I also love to read.....is there any writer that isn't also an avid reader? Obviously, the past year I've been reading lots of mysteries to improve my own craft of writing, but every now and again, I toss in something else. Since I'd never read MacDonald's Travis McGee, I'm reading the first one and enjoying it a lot. Also recently read some of Carolyn G. Hart's mysteries, along with Monica Ferris. Both great mystery authors.
Well, that's a wrap for my debut blog and I hope to see you again soon..............

posted by Terri @ Friday, July 22, 2005


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