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Monday, July 25, 2005

Hen Lit - RDI or NEXT?

Okay, so now I'm really confused about hen lit - who wants it and what are they expecting. When I first heard about NEXT I interpreted it to be for the 40+ crowd. "Hen lit" I thought. The examples on their web site was "somebody having a baby for the first time at 45" or a story about "3 generations." Since I was writing a book that had 3 different age groups, although not all related, I said "perfect." Then the NEXT books came out. And guess what? No chick lit or hen lit voice. Not really. Not to the extent of my ms. So I figure NEXT is about the age - not the voice.

Then I heard about a new release from NEXT and the main character is 30. Huh? Guess it's not the age after all. "It's about a major change in somebody's life" I read. And "hen lit is over at RDI." Huh? Okay. The RDI web site says it's all about Fiction with Attitude. And that RDI has grown up. Excellent. This sounds like it's right up my alley. But recently somebody had posted on one of the writing loops that RDI was focusing on the 18-34 crowd. So, is it about age or voice?

I have a full over at NEXT but I'm wondering if it's more suitable for RDI. Maybe they'll love it over at NEXT and think this is just what the line needs. Or, if not, maybe they'll forward it to the appropriate editor. I can only hope. In the meantime, it sure is confusing about where to submit what. An agent would be nice but I think they're just as confused as I am. :)

posted by Kathy Holmes @ Monday, July 25, 2005


  1. At Tuesday, July 26, 2005, Blogger Lynn said…

    What is RDI?



  2. At Tuesday, July 26, 2005, Blogger Dorothy said…

    Lynn, RDI is Red Dress Ink. ;o)

    Kathy, this is really confusing. I notice you do your homework, too. If you're confused, I'm bamboozled. I'm thinking they will send it to the right department is NEXT is not where it should go. I'm rooting for ya, hon! I haven't sent mine yet. Printer still not working and time is going by.


  3. At Wednesday, July 27, 2005, Blogger Kathy Holmes said…

    As an update - Jen from NEXT said they would prefer the main character be at least 35, although she doesn't have to be. It's more about being at a crossroads in life and embarking on a change - rather than a set age.

    Hmmm... reminds me of the TV show "Starting Over." First they had women in their 40s and 50s who wanted to start over. Then you saw mostly 20-year-olds and I thought shouldn't it be called "Getting Started" instead? :)


  4. At Tuesday, August 02, 2005, Blogger Kathy Holmes said…

    A writer just back from Reno reiterated that RDI is focusing on the 18-34 crowd so I can see why NEXT might have decided to pick up where they left off with 35+ - even though some of us had expectations this line was for the 40+ crowd.


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