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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Native Californian Living in Florida

I’m a native Californian living in Florida. I find myself setting most of my books in California, but if we were to move back to California, I'd probably write about Florida. It seems that I must write about some place that feels out of reach. It creates a longing and a passion in me.

One of the attractions to moving to Florida was the plethora of cruise ships. Well, not having cruised for awhile, in spite of the proximity, must have created a longing so great that I had to write a novel set on a cruise ship. At first, I thought I was writing 3 different novels. But when each character found herself on a cruise ship, I realized it was the same story but with all 3 women's lives connected: a 20-something, a 40-something, and a 60-something. I'm currently shopping this novel, Real Women Wear Red, to agents. This is what I call “where chick lit meets hen lit.” And that pretty much describes my writing. I love the voice of chick lit but I tend to write about women who are at least 40.

To read my Fiction for Real Women blog, go to chicksover40. You can also visit my web site at kathyholmes.net or read my LiveJournal blog where I'm known to go on about religion, politics, or some life issue. I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising that we writers have so many blogs.

- Kathy

posted by Kathy Holmes @ Saturday, June 04, 2005


  1. At Saturday, June 04, 2005, Blogger Dorothy said…

    Oooooo...I just love the idea of a novel set on a cruise ship! I've never been on one myself, but one day I'd really like to see what that's all about. And - I have lived in California and Florida, too! LOVED California (Burbank) but I was a child and that was many many moons ago. LOVED Florida (Ft.Lauderdale), too, but that was before crime took over (or so I've heard). Now I live in Virginia where it's sooooo boring.


  2. At Saturday, June 04, 2005, Blogger Jody said…

    I haven't considered a novel set on a cruise ship. But if I ever get to the point where I can afford extensive/expensive research, I'd love to take the State Ferry as far out on the Chain as it goes. I'm sure a lot could happen to characters in such a setting.


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