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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Fiction for Women 45+ Must Be Hot

In surfing the internet, I stumbled across Nora Robert's latest book, "Black Rose" - the second in her "Garden Series" trilogy. It just happens to be about a woman who is: independent, 45-years-old, twice divorced, and, believing in second and third chances, about to embark on a new romance. While it's a romantic suspense and not hen lit, it's interesting to me that Nora has seized the opportunity to jump in and write to the 45+ market. Can't wait to see how far this trend goes and hope we're all a part of it.

- Kathy

posted by Kathy Holmes @ Tuesday, June 07, 2005


  1. At Tuesday, June 07, 2005, Blogger Lynette said…

    Funnily enough I got a free copy of one of Nora Roberts' books this weekend with a magazine, it's 'Blue Dahlia', I'm looking forward to reading it, I haven't read any of her stuff before.

    Also you might be interested in Tranista, a new publishing company dealing with fiction for the over 45 woman. Older heroines, etc. Guidelines are published at the site along with book excerpts. They sound great. If you join up there [it's free], they are also giving away free copies of their books.



  2. At Tuesday, June 07, 2005, Blogger Lynette said…

    Sorry I forgot to give link to site:



  3. At Tuesday, June 07, 2005, Blogger Dorothy said…

    And I just love their covers! Did you notice, though, that on their site, they have no prices in American money? Wouldn't that tend to make Americans kind of leery about purchasing a book from them? They need to look into that, I think. And what about distribution? Will the books be in American bookstores and have a good distribution policy? Whew, questions, questions, questions. Have any of you queried them yet?


  4. At Tuesday, June 07, 2005, Blogger Kathy Holmes said…

    Thanks, Lynette, for the link. I am excited about Transita. I love the numbers they post about how many women are 45+. I'll have to sign up with them.


  5. At Tuesday, June 07, 2005, Blogger Kathy Holmes said…

    Good questions, Dorothy. I did send them a partial of an older project and they were great, although that project wasn't right for them. But the stuff I'm working on now I'm thinking is too hot and I'll probably focus on the US market just because they're too much of an unknown.


  6. At Tuesday, June 07, 2005, Blogger Dorothy said…

    That's what I'm thinking. Since we live in the U.S., maybe we ought to at least try the US publishers first. What about NEXT? Have you tried that yet? I'm finally putting the finishing touches on my synopsis (groan...hate these things)so I can whip it out there to them. But, that's another thing. NEXT is an imprint of Harlequin right? Well, what happens if NEXT goes out of business, where would that leave their hen lit titles? Egads, I'm driving my own self crazy.


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